Toronto’s real estate market is officially crazy we all know that by now, right? 

Well recently a church in Toronto was sold for $4 million, after originally only being listed for a single loonie. 

Yes, for a $1 could have owned an entire church.  

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It's called Boadview Place and is set in the heart of the Riverdale area of the city.   

The whole idea behind listing the place for only a single dollar though was to see just how high people would end up bidding and get an actual fair market price.   

Via Boadview Place

It wasn't just a church though, it's also served as a music venue and a place for hosting events as well.

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As you can tell the place is massive. 


Lots of room for a great home office too. 


And check out the basement space below the church! 


Oh and fun fact it, was actually as designed by the same person who did Casa Loma and Old City Hall.  

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So this is what Toronto's real estate market has come to.  

You can't even buy a place for a loonie anymore because someone else will out bid you by millions.  

Source: CBC

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