When it comes to holiday decor, Toronto definitely takes the subject very seriously. From the massive Christmas trees found at both City Hall and inside the Eaton Centre to the holiday light installations at Yonge and Dundas Square, you're sure to find a decorative spectacle anywhere you turn in the city. 

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Though one of the prettiest and simultaneously funniest spectacles you can find in Toronto is actually nestled on a random street in the city called Inglewood Drive. It's giving us some serious Christmas With The Kranks vibes but instead of Frosty the rooftop snowman, it's a 14-foot-tall inflatable Santa. 

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The tradition started back in 2013 where one homeowner named Amy Westin decided to put up a massive inflatable Santa on her lawn in celebration of the holidays. In response one of her neighbours decided to join in and get one for themselves and soon other neighbours attempted to get their own as well.

When the Canadian Tire that stocked the Santas ran out of the inflatable decoration and found out about the joke, they actually helped deliver even more Santas for other neighbours on the street to put up. Which resulted in this: 

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After that year the tradition has been running ever since and the street of Inglewood turns into "Kringlewood" every December. Where tons of Torontonians visit the neighbourhood to check out the tradition for themselves. 

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As of this year, there are a whopping 50 houses participating by hosting a massive Santa on their lawn this holiday season. Meaning that the spectacle is bigger and better than ever. While it's still cool to see during the day, it's a special sight to see if you drive down the street at night while it's snowing. 

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