This week, the area of Queens Quay West and Lower Spadina was painted bright red and it ain’t just for looks. Although it is pretty interesting looking, the markings definitely serve an important purpose.

According to the TTC, the project is an attempt to keep streetcar tracks clear for streetcars themselves rather than cars. There has been a long-standing issue with vehicles making their way onto the tracks intruding on the transit system.

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Earlier this summer, the TTC installed some other markers at the entrance of the Queens Quay and York St. entrance. There are lights, bollards and they’re currently testing a set of lifting gates. This was all put in place after they say at least 26 cars have accidentally driven down the tunnel.

Unfortunately for the TTC, video released today at the intersection of Queens Quay West and Spadina proves the red markings aren’t doing what they’re supposed to.

Kevin Misener of 680News caught a car going directly onto the tracks this morning. He told the radio station “Some people actually don’t see their mistake until somebody honks at them and then they’ll get out of the lane,” he explained. “Some people instantly stop halfway (into the lane) and then back up, which creates more chaos for the people behind them.”

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Welp. Nice try TTC.

Source: City News, Daily Hive

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