Sure, planes get you there faster, but there's something inherently romantic about train rides. Sleeping in bunks, eating in the dining car, and watching the landscapes change from the window sounds pretty idyllic, if you ask me.

via @amtrak

As revealed by travel blogger Derek Low, Amtrak is currently offering a coast-to-coast train ride of the U.S. for only $213 USD (approx. $290 CAD). The train ride will take you from San Francisco to New York City. The entire trip takes approximately 51 hours, meaning it can be done over a weekend. The ride will take you through 11 states in total.

via @amtrak

If you want to stretch out your trip, you can buy a 15 day Amtrak pass for $429 USD, allowing you to explore our Southern neighbours on your own time.

To find out more details or to see photos of Low's trip, click here.

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