Living near a subway station can be highly convenient, especially when you don't have a car, which can be a costly expense. However, since many people want to live close to a train station, this can drive housing costs up. The average cost of homes and condos by TTC stop in Toronto was just revealed by Zoocasa, and you'll be able to find out which areas are significantly cheaper than others. 

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Zoocasa released the report showing the average house and condo costs for properties close to a TTC station. To compile their data, Zoocasa "collected the average 2018 sold prices for houses and condos within 800 metres (roughly a 10-minute walk) of all 75 TTC subway and LRT stations", according to their website

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Whether you're looking to move close to a TTC station and want to compare prices or are just curious the differences in cost for living at each TTC station, you should check out this guide. Look at the full infographic from Zoocasa below! 

Via Zoocasa

According to the data from Zoocasa, there is a wide range of prices for an apartment or house close to the TTC. A condo can be as low as $329,530 near Kennedy station or as high as $1,242,618 in Summerhill, which is a huge price difference of almost a million dollars – $913,088. 

The price differences are even higher for houses. The average price for a house at the most expensive stop, which is York Mills, is a whopping $3,426,020. In comparison, a house at Ellesmere will cost you only roughly 20% off that – $708,489. 

These are the most affordable and least affordable TTC stops for houses. 

The 5 Most Affordable TTC Stops for Houses

  1. Ellesmere (Line 3): $708,489
  2. Midland (Line 3): $716,813
  3. Lawrence East (Line 3): $725,813
  4. Finch West (Line 1): $741,891
  5. McCowan (Line 3): $761,074

The 5 Least Affordable TTC Stops for Houses

  1. York Mills (Line 1): $3,426,020
  2. Museum (Line 1): $3,002,150
  3. Summerhill (Line 1): $2,932,837
  4. St. Clair (Line 1): $2,888,106
  5. Sherbourne (Line 2): $2,870,130

The 5 Most Affordable TTC Stops for Condos

  1. Kennedy (Lines 2 & 3): $329,530
  2. Lawrence East (Line 3): $364,656
  3. Ellesmere (Line 3): $382,752
  4. Victoria Park (Line 2): $388,953
  5. McCowan (Line 3): $420,572

The 5 Least Affordable TTC Stops for Condos

  1. Summerhill (Line 1): $1,242,618
  2. Rosedale (Line 1): $1,172,898
  3. St. George (Lines 1 & 2): $1,141,827
  4. St. Clair West (Line 1): $1,090,897
  5. St. Clair (Line 1): $1,078,285

If you're looking to find the cheapest housing by a TTC stop, the east end stations are your best bet, according to Zoocasa. "Those looking for a deal on a detached home will find it along the Scarborough LRT route, with Ellesmere, Midland, and Lawrence East stations ranking as the three most affordable for nearby real estate with average prices all below the $740,000-mark," reads the report. 

The most expensive stations to live by are along Line 1, which runs north-south through the centre of the city. Houses in this area can cost you over $3 million dollars, such as at York Mills Station and Museum. 

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To read the full "House and Condo Prices by TTC Subway Stops" report, you can visit Zoocasa's website

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