Toronto drivers' reckless driving habits have officially been exposed to the public. In two separate videos posted on Twitter yesterday, streams of cars speed through a midtown intersection well after the light had already turned red. 

The first video, which has already been viewed almost 50,000 times, shows a crossing guard blowing his whistle as cars continue to whiz through the traffic light illegally. The second video has nearly 10,000 views.

Both videos were facing the southbound side of Bathurst Street and Nina Street, just south of St. Clair Avenue West. They were posted just after 9:00 AM on Monday.

It's safe to assume that, because of the peak rush hour timing, the impatient drivers in the videos were on their downtown to get to work. But, it's no excuse to completely violate traffic laws and put people in danger.

According to David McCue, the crossing guard in the video, the intersection is already a breeding ground for accidents. Despite the posted signs, many drivers don't realize that the area is a school zone, legally requiring them to slow down.

Residents in the area say that they've been trying to get the city's attention about the intersection for a long time. Councillor Joe Mihevc who represents the area said in an interview that many injuries have occurred here and that it has been a difficult intersection for "several years."

Via Bathurst St. & Nina St., Google Maps

"I have been writing to for 18 years about this light," one Twitter user writes, "I fear his solution of another light at Melgund is just going to frustrate drivers going south and make the situation at Nina even worse."

"I was at that very crossing recently and had to hold back my daughter as a car sped through the red light. And this was while the crossing guard was there."

But, Mihevc says action is being taken to improve safety. A traffic light is being installed at Melgund Road on the next block, and a "Watch Your Speed" sign will be put up in the area as well.


Source: CBC



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