Busloads of teachers from across the province are making their way to Queen's park right now as thousands of Ontario teachers are protesting Doug Ford's education cuts today. The protest, called Rally for Education, is planning to completely take over Queen's Park to speak out against the changes the government has announced recently, especially the most recent memo about job losses. 

The Rally for Education was planned in advance but it seems especially fitting now that it's happening one day after Doug Ford's government released a memo outlining how many jobs they expect to lose due to their recent changes. Over the next four years, the Ministry of Education expects to lose 3,475 jobs, a move that they hope will save them $850 million over time. 

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Depending on how you look at it you could say that Doug Ford isn't technically breaking his promise that no one will be laid off because they say these jobs will be lost through attrition, but it's still not good. Attrition means that the job losses will be gradual, so when teachers quit or retire, they will not be replaced. This goes hand in hand with the planned increase in class sizes. Both changes are being protested by teachers today. 

Both high school and elementary school teachers, and even some students, from around the province are making there way to Queen's Park this morning in preparation for the rally, which starts at noon. 

On Twitter, people are also sharing pictures of their signs they are bringing to the rally, calling out the Ford government. 

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The protest has garnered so much attention that Rally for Education is already one of the top Twitter trends in Toronto right now. 

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