Ontario Premier Doug Ford recently made major changes to OSAP for the worse, and students are completely outraged. To take action against the changes, thousands of people took to the streets of downtown Toronto to protest OSAP today and we're here to update you on everything you missed. 

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University students first gathered in Yonge-Dundas Square on Friday at 2:00 PM and made their way through the streets of downtown Toronto in order to protest the OSAP cuts. The "March Against OSAP Cuts" protest marched west along Dundas before turning north onto University Ave and eventually ended at Queen's Park.

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Over 4,400 people said that they would be going to the protest on the Facebook event page, with another 22,000 interested in attending. "This year, The Ontario government has decided to target our right to education through the recent OSAP reform," read the event description. "All students will be affected, and now it is our time to tell the government that we will not sit in silence".

Check out all the photos and videos from the major protest, which is scheduled to continue until 4:30 PM, according to the event page

The Toronto protest today had a massive turnout. Students from all different Ontario universities marched together for several hours in protest of the OSAP changes. This isn't even the first time that students have come together to protest Doug Ford's OSAP cuts. Toronto Police officers were called to stop traffic in the area.

Over the past week, several protests took place throughout the province and there's even a petition to stop the OSAP cuts signed by over 220,000 people. An Ontario-wide march will be happening next week on February 4th

The OSAP changes have several negative ramifications for students, which has led thousands to protest. One of the biggest changes is that Ford's government is planning to get rid of the interest-free grace period for students to pay back their loans. The new plan also eliminates free tuition for low-income families and results in less Ontario university students being eligible for OSAP loans. 

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