While June may be in full swing, the summer weather hasn't seemed to follow with it. It seems like we just haven't gotten a break as even more rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for tonight throughout Southern Ontario. Sadly, these heavy rains and strong winds may just put a damper on your Raptors viewing party plans tonight. 

According to the Weather Network, these storms will be moving into Southern Ontario throughout Wednesday morning and occasional showers are expected throughout the first half of the day. By the late afternoon and evening, the rise in temperature will result in the risk of some potentially strong thunderstoms. 

One of the biggest threats that these evening storms will bring with them is a heavy downpour. Small hail can also be expected for those who live near the Michigan border in cities such as Windsor and Sarnia. 

However, when it comes to the GTA, where a majority of the Raptors fans will be joining together at the multiple outdoor areas, including the iconic Jurassic Park, hail, luckily, isn't in the forecast. But heavy downpour and strong winds can still be expected throughout most of the evening. 

According to the hourly weather forecast for Toronto, heavier rains are expected to start by around 5 PM tonight and carry on until 8-9 PM. Lighter rain will be expected until midnight. 

The Weather Network also states that the risk of an occasional lightning strike can't be ruled out, so those who are outside tonight should take caution while traveling out and about. 

So, if you are planning on heading outside to one of the Raptors parties tonight, I would suggest bringing a raincoat to prepare for the rain that is currently heading our way. 

While the rain is expected to last into the late evening and early morning throughout the GTA, it won't be all doom and gloom for the rest of the week. 

The Weather Network shows that Torontonians will be able to enjoy the sunshine for the rest of the week. Mainly sunny skies can be expected from Thursday until Sunday with temperatures in the low twenties throughout the week. 

However, 15mm of rain is expected to hit the city next Monday, so enjoy the sunny weather while you still can. 

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