In recent news, Tim Hortons has announced that starting this past Wednesday- May 15- select stores around the GTA are serving three new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches. 60 stores have been selected throughout the GTA to showcase these three new plant-based sandwiches in a test launch. However, since the release of these Tim Hortons Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches, Torontonians report that they are having trouble finding locations that actually sell these sandwiches. 

Tim Hortons Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches uses the popular 100% plant-based Beyond Meat sausage patty that other franchises such as A&W have already introduced to their breakfast menu earlier this year. The Beyond Meat patties have been a hit throughout the nation and are created with a taste and texture that resembles real meat. 

This new Beyond Meat collection at Tims offers three different sandwiches which include the Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich, a Beyond Meat Farmers Breakfast Wrap, and a Beyond Meat Vegan Sandwich. All three of these sandwiches use the same Beyond Meat sausage patty. 

However, while Canadians may be excited about the launch of these new products, there is a major drawkback. These Beyond Meat items seem to be a bit harder to find than you would expect. 

Tim Hortons announced that these products are only available as a test product. They will be testing these new breakfast products in only 60 locations around the GTA to see if it shows positive results before releasing the sandwiches nationwide later this year. 

Yet, customers are unsure of which 60 locations these breakfast sandwiches are located. Tim Hortons states that they are unable to share any of the locations of the restaurants where the Beyond Meat patty is being served to ensure that their test results are more accurate. 

However, due to this secrecy, many Torontonians are unable to find these Beyond Meat patties in any of their nearby stores.

As someone who has been a fan of the Beyond Meat craze, when I heard Tim Hortons was launching this new product I was excited to try it. However, despite my efforts, I too was unable to actually locate the product. 

I visited multiple Tim Hortons locations within my area and none of them were selling the test product. When I asked if anyone knew the locations where the products were being sold, management at a Younge and Eglinton location explained that none of the employees knew the locations in which these patties were actually being sold. 

I then decided to call various Tim Hortons locations throughout Toronto to see if they were selling the new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches. The locations that responded to my phone calls either stated that they were not selling the product, or were unsure about what the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich was. 

When I called the 739 Yonge Street location, I was even told that these products would not be in stock until late this month, yet Tim Hortons has included in their statement that it is available in 60 locations.

Scrolling through Twitter, it quickly became apparent that I wasn't the only one who was having this issue. Many Tim Hortons fans have taken to Twitter to ask Tim Hortons which locations they can find these products at, yet Tim Hortons has not responded to any of them. 

Some Torontonians are even claiming that, like me, they have been to multiple stores around the city in the hunt for these sandwiches, but have been unable to find them.

In a statement given to Narcity by Tim Hortons, they state that "starting this past Wednesday – May 15 – Tims began testing three new breakfast sandwiches at 60 restaurants in the GTA made with the 100% plant-based Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage patty. If the tests show positive results – which we are confident will be the case – we will be launching Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches nationally later this year."

When asked what locations these Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches could be found, Tim Hortons replied: "We don’t share the locations of the restaurants where we conduct our market tests to ensure the results are a more accurate indicator of sales should we move forward with a nationwide launch."

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