Tim Hortons just made a very exciting announcement. They are going to start testing out all day breakfast this summer! 

For those of us who don't like waking up early this is amazing news, if you don't live in Hamilton or Brampton you may be out of luck. 

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The pilot project, announced by Tim Horton's president Alex Macedo, is only rolling out at a dozen select locations, all located in Hamilton and Brampton. 

Macedo says that if they see success with the program they will look at bringing it to more locations, but there is no news on when that would be. 

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The chain says it isn't making this move because of competitors but with fast food joints like A&W and Burger King all stepping up their breakfast menu, the heat must be on. Not to mention McDonald's has successfully been doing all day breakfast for over a year now

According to Macedo, they have been looking at the idea since 2013 but didn't feel there was must interest at the time but adds it has demand has grown a lot since then.

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The All Day Breakfast announcement comes at a time when tensions are high between the company and franchise owners. They are hoping the new program will drive in more customers and take off some of the stress.  

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