If you don't have any reason to leave your house today you should just stay inside. That's because today is officially the most chaotic travel and shopping day that Toronto will see all year.  Statistically, December 21st has been confirmed as the busiest day for travelling in Toronto and specifically at Pearson Airport. On top of that, statistics show that the 21st is also the busiest shopping day of the whole year making malls complete chaos. To round it out, this year it not only falls on a Friday but it's also the last day of school. 

Drivers are being advised to be extra cautious around schools today since children could be out and about running or walking home for their winter break. This will especially be concerning during the afternoon when school lets out. 

The afternoon is also an extra busy time for shopping. According to Moneris, the company that processes a lot of Canada's credit card transactions, the peak time for the most transactions on December 21st is at 2 PM. 

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If you're still not entirely convinced that today will be a terrible day for shopping, keep this in mind. Moneris also says that statistically, December 21st is a busier shopping day than even Black Friday, so there will be people everywhere. If you hate crowds and lines you'll want to avoid the malls. 

Of course, one place where it will be harder for you to avoid is the airport, especially if you have travel plans already. Toronto's Pearson Airport is expecting 135,000 travellers to pass through today, a significant jump from their usual 127,000. Millions of travellers are expected to make their way through Pearson this holiday season. 

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If you have a flight today, then obviously avoiding Pearson altogether isn't feasible but give yourself lots of extra time because the lines will likely be long. 

To help speed things up, the airport is advising that people check into their flights ahead of time online to avoid the check-in counter line up. 

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To make matters even worse it's officially the first day of winter, but you wouldn't know it from the rain that's forecasted for Toronto. Hope you're excited for a green Christmas

Source: CityNews

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