After a brief appearance in court this afternoon, Toronto's alleged chair thrower Marcella Zoia has been released on $2000 bail with a court date set for March. As part of her bail conditions, the 19-year-old must stay with her mother and is not allowed to go back to the buildings where the chair throwing incident took place. 

Zoia was seen throwing a chair off a high-rise balcony towards the Gardiner and Lakeshore Blvd. in a video that went viral recently. The video sparked outrage everywhere with people who are angered that the falling chair could have killed someone. After the video came out police got involved and asked for the public's help identifying the chair thrower. It quickly became known that Zoia was the women in the video. 

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This morning she actually turned herself in to the police and was held for questioning and charged with mischief endangering life, mischief endangering property under $5000, and common nuisance. After several hours at the police station, she was taken by police officers to the College Park courthouse for a bail hearing. 

While she was by herself when she surrendered to police this morning, Marcella Zoia was accompanied by her lawyer, and her mother when she appeared in court later today. 

According to Momin Qureshi, a 680 News reporter who attended the trial this afternoon, Zoia was led into the courtroom in handcuffs and placed in a holding box as she was still in police custody. 

However, now that the judge has set bail at $2000, it is reported that Zoia is being released into her mother's custody. According to Qureshi, the judge was confident that her mother was willing to take responsibility for Zoia. She also didn't impose stricter bail conditions saying that Zoia has no prior record and is presumed innocent under our justice system. 

Meanwhile, Qureshi says that Zoia's lawyer also added that she feels terrible about what happened and especially about the attention it's received. 

Her lawyer said that Zoia wishes it never happened, will never do it again, and has faced intense scrutiny since the incident. 

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According to Qureshi, Zoia is due back in court on March 22nd at Toronto's Old City Hall where a trial date will be set. He also says that the judge told Zoia if she is found guilty at the trial that she could be going to jail. 

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