Don't try this at home. A Toronto bike on the highway was spotted last week. The cyclist was caught cruising down a 410 exit while hanging onto the back of a transport truck. 

Instagram user keavin82 captured the incident on video, showing the cyclist cruising down a busy street while being pulled by a truck. 

The cyclist appears to be casually holding on the edge of the vehicle and barley pedalling as he moves at the same speed as traffic. 

The moment was reportedly captured on September 10 at Highway 410 and Steeles, the poster informed Narcity. 

However, it is unclear if the cyclist faced any charges for his actions. 

The 8-second clip doesn't show the outcome of the scene, but the penalties for getting caught aren't actually that hefty. 

In Toronto, you'll only get fined $35 for attaching yourself to another vehicle, according to the City's cycling road fines.

Narcity has reached out to highway safety authorities for more information on this topic.

In fact, a lot of other cyclist mishaps will cost you more than hitching a ride on a moving vehicle. 

Not having a bell on your bike, having improper brakes, and improperly using your light each come with a fine of $85.

However, it turns out that you can actually get an even bigger fine of $2,000 for careless driving on a bike.

Toronto's municipal by-law states that "bicycles are vehicles according to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and so cyclists may be charged with the HTA offences of careless driving."

"The fine for careless driving is $400.00 to $2000.00," it says.


Sightings of bizarre cyclist moments have been seen throughout Ontario.

Just a few weeks ago, a young boy was seen riding his bike on Highway 403 near Hamilton.

He was able to safely be returned home after multiple traffic complaints.

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