This American city sees an influx of Canadian baseball fans every year, enough to annoy one former Jeopardy champion. If you said, "What is Seattle?", then you are correct. Ken Jennings, best known for his record winning streak on Jeopardy!, is not happy with fans who regularly show up in Seattle thanks to the Toronto Blue Jays schedule that sees them playing the Mariners around the same time every season.

Jennings took to Twitter to vent his frustration against Jays fans who made their way south of the border to watch the Jays-Mariners match up. He called the Canadian fans "surprisingly awful," especially when they see the Mariners win.

The yearly series took place Aug. 23-25. The Mariners did indeed win the first game, but the Jays took the second. As of writing, the third game is yet to be played. 

Canadians took to Twitter to vent their own frustrations at being called "awful" by the former Jeopardy champion (who has also written a book). One user pointed out that Canadians have to put up with Trump being in the White House, so it's a fair trade. Another wondered if maybe Jennings had not received some of that famous Canadian politeness. Others just pointed out the fact that all of those tourists are good for the economy.

Jennings isn't even the first person to share their opinions on the Canadians who come to Seattle to see the game. In 2017, sports broadcaster Danny O'Neill called the influx of Canadians an "annual infestation," also referring to them as "rude house guests that make you roll your eyes and look at your watch."

Maybe Jennings is upset about the fact that for the previous three years, Toronto has won the series handily. Whether they take it again will be determined in the third game. 

Jennings may be taking a lot of ire from Canadians, but he seems to be taking it in stride. Although if he keeps doubling down on the trash-talking, we might have to politely ask him to stop again.

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