Want to travel to the USA but have a fear of planes or a general dislike of air travel? Well, imagine a world in which you can travel to the northern states by train straight from Toronto. Amtrak is apparently considering a proposal that would basically extend the current Wolverine line rail service to make it a Toronto-Chicago train line.

Back in March, this idea was brought up to Amtrak and just last week it was seriously proposed during the Michigan Rail Conference at Michigan State University.

"Amtrak is exploring places it can modernize and expand its services and network. A Chicago/Western Michigan to Detroit to Toronto corridor is one of the services where we see promise," Marc Magliari, Amtrak Public Relations Manager, told Narcity.

According to the proposal, the route that currently runs through Kalamazoo in southern Michigan will be extended through the Windsor/Walkerville area and right into the city of Toronto.

In terms of border crossing, upgrades will clearly need to be put in place and the construction of a border processing facility along the way will need to be considered.

In truth, even if this concept becomes reality, we'll probably be waiting a while.

But Torontonians are already hopeful that the idea could work, with some sharing their thoughts on this potential railway line.

According to the Amtrak website, it takes more than five hours to travel from Chicago Union Station to Detroit through the Wolverine line.

The proposal suggests the construction of a "slot" for a rail line in the tunnel that runs through Detroit and Windsor.

Now, from Windsor to Toronto, the line would continue with VIA Rail. Trains between those two Ontario cities currently take about four hours of travel time.

No word has been released on how much this extension would cost.

Whether or not this proposal will become a reality, it'll take a while before construction takes place. Who knows? Maybe it'll be done before the Eglinton Crosstown is complete.

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