Early morning commuters on the TTC likely got to their destinations much later than usual on Monday. Transit riders were alerted of two significant service suspensions on both Line 1 and Line 2 of the TTC subway. Service has mostly been restored, but not fully. It seems that the earlier delays are still causing significant backup, to the frustration of many Toronto commuters.

Service has finally resumed between Bloor-Yonge and Lawrence after being shut down for nearly an hour Monday morning due to signal problems. At the same time, service was suspended between St. George and Woodbine Stations due to a "suspicious incident" at Broadview Station. The line has since reopened, but all trains are still bypassing Broadview as police continue to investigate.

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Shuttle buses have been deployed between Pape and Castle Frank as streetcars and buses divert around Broadview. The TTC is also warning commuters of continued delays as a result of the earlier signal problems. Take a look at what transit riders have been dealing with this morning:

As you can imagine, TTC riders are upset. Delays and backup are not anyone's idea of a great start to the work week. Here's a bit of what commuters had to say on the matter:

It has been a brutal winter for TTC delays. Who can forget the one week in February that Toronto commuters deemed the worst week ever on the TTC

In exactly two weeks, TTC fare will go up by 10 cents a trip. It's safe to say that based on the constant service delays and interruptions that commuters have put up with recently, many consider it to be unfair. 

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