Toronto commuters live by the phrase, "prepare for the worst, but pray for the best". The TTC announced Monday morning that the extremely cold temperatures have had an impact on "some" of their equipment, which would lead to delays. But, nothing could've prepared them for the chaos that ensued as a result of those anticipated delays. 

Since the morning rush began, TTC riders have flooded social media with photos, videos and complaints of mass overcrowding on the trains and platforms. They say that trains are completely at capacity and are having to skip stations altogether because they simply can't fit more. Several riders claim to have waited for several trains to go by until they could finally squeeze themselves in.

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Unsurprisingly, transfer stations like Bloor-Yonge and St. George appear to be the most chaotic of them all. Several photos and videos are being shared of the platform becoming dangerously crowded.

But, the worst of it seems to be the streetcar service. The TTC announced that shuttle buses would be running along major streetcar routes this morning to alleviate congestion. Despite their efforts, dozens of commuters are claiming that they were forced to wait 50 minutes outside for a single one to arrive. 

Some passengers are even reporting injuries as a result of the chaos. "Shoulder hurts so bad after being slammed into at Bloor because people felt the need to force themselves into an already packed car," one tweet reads.  Another rider claims that her daughter is frostbitten from having to wait 40 minutes in -20°C weather for the 501 Queen car. 

Some TTC riders are claiming they've had to watch 5 trains go by before space became available. Overcrowding seems to be plaguing both Line 1 and Line 2 trains. One rider claims that it took them an hour just to travel 6 stops on the Bloor line.

Stuart Green, the TTC's Senior Communications Specialist, tells Narcity that they do not anticipate there being the same issues this afternoon, but service will be monitored closely.

"We’re deploying additional track and signal crews throughout the day and into tomorrow morning to check and de-ice any switches still experiencing issues. These extra steps we’re taking should mitigate only those weather-related issues we experienced this morning," says Green.






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