If you’ve ever taken the TTC, you’ve likely seen at least one weird or strange thing that has you questioning other people’s sanity, like this guy who brought live crabs on the subway.

A video of a man on the subway who was filmed clipping his nails is gaining quite a bit of traction from people in the city online now. 

As you can imagine, most are just pissed off watching it. It's literally something actor Seth Rogan said not to do in his new service announcements on the TTC.

The video was filmed back in March of this year, according to the upload date on YouTube, but is only getting attention now thanks to its post on Reddit.

The video literally shows a man clipping his nails while on the subway. One Reddit user asks what all of us are thinking  - “Wow, he is clueless?”

Other people point out that clearly it isn’t enough to just film these people in the hopes they’ll notice. 

Via True Self Challenge

“Say something. I told a lady her bare feet on the seat was disgusting and this isn’t her home. Don’t just film, be proactive,” says one clearly exasperated person who commented on the post.

Another person agreed, “just thinking out loud, but shouldn't we call these people out when we see this?”

Someone else pointed out that this person clearly thought this through and did it anyway. “I mean, you have to deliberately take nail clippers with you before you leave the house, so there's an element of this that's premeditated,” they said.

If you absolutely must watch the video you can below. 

It’s another example of something people in Toronto are fed up with seeing on the subway.

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