TTC riders have had to put their patience to the test this week. From delay to excruciating delay, long lineups in the cold and cramped shuttle buses, Toronto commuters have been through it all. But, if you thought that the end of the extreme cold alert would mean an end to TTC delays, I'm sorry to tell you that you're gravely mistaken.  

The TTC announced at 7:30 AM Thursday morning that there was a southbound delay at Museum station. The reason, according to the TTC's media relations specialist Stuart Green, was "a broken signal on Line 1 [southbound] at Museum Stn., that is creating a backlog of trains coming into the core." Shuttle buses have been deployed from Eglinton to Union Stations to supplement subway service. 

However, based on the flood of angry tweets since the morning rush began, the TTC's extra efforts to get people to work on time have proven to be futile - again

Take a look at what rush hour on the Yonge line was like this morning:

Several people have deemed this the worst week ever on the TTC, and I must admit that the photo and video evidence proves it true. One train operator even reportedly apologized for the colossal disaster that the last four days have been.

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According to their budget proposal for 2019, the TTC plans to raise Presto and token fares by ten cents this year.

They also plan to hire 45 additional fare inspectors and 22 more transit enforcement officers to ramp up their efforts to prevent fare evasion. But, after all that the TTC  has put us through this week, isn't a couple free rides the least we deserve?

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