When you think of what kind of epidemics the city of Toronto is currently facing, a few things come to mind. Homelessness, measles and the housing crisis are all examples of epidemics that need to be dealt with throughout the city. However, one Toronto councilor has a different epidemic in mind. Mike Colle, Toronto city councilor for Ward 8 states that one of the biggest epidemics that Toronto is currently facing is millennials with coffee cups. 

That's right. In a meeting with the city's Infrastructure and Environment Committee, Collee stated that one of the bigger issues that the city need to deal with is breaking the habit of millennials using take-out coffee cups. He states that millennials walking around the streets with paper or plastic cups is an issue that needs to be addressed, even stating, "I think we've got to break people of this habit of walking up and down our streets with coffee cups, it's really an epidemic." 

Collee compares Toronto to Italy, stating that the city should adopt the 'Italian model'. By this, he means that when millennials buy their coffee, they should only be able to drink their coffee in that location using china cups. 

Colle states that millennials should have to stand up, have your coffee and chat with people before going onto the street ' hands-free'. His reasoning is because "We don't see Italians walking around with plastic cups, in Toronto or anywhere". 

Additionally, he wants to do an educational program for millennials who take coffee cups out into the streets and do a pilot project which will help with the 'addiction' that millennials have with these take away cups. Which surprisingly, the Infrastructure and Environment Committee seemed to agree with. 

The committee says that they can expand their education and promotion campaign to highlight the fact Torontonians can enjoy their coffee at the establishment with a reusable china cup. 

On Twitter, a lot of users seem to be confused and frustrated with this statement. Stating that it's not just millennials who use take away cups. 

Overall, while using non-reusable coffee cups is an environmental problem within our city, it may not be the biggest epidemic that needs to be dealt with. 

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