It seems that one man was desperate to get a driver's information after a Toronto crash this week. 

On Thursday, one man was actually spotted dangling from the hood of a truck in an attempt to stop a driver who had hit his parked car.  

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The incident reportedly occurred at around 1:00 p.m. near Dufferin and Steeles.

Justin Schiff, who shared the footage via Twitter, told Narcity that the altercation occurred over a scratch.

The leaping man's parked car was allegedly hit by the person driving the truck, who attempted to flee after being asked to exchange information.

That's when the vigilante justice ensued, which supposedly escalated after the video cuts out.

"The man was still hanging on the hood for dear life as the car picked up speed heading eastbound on Steeles avenue," Schiff told Narcity.

It is still unknown how and when the man was able to disembark from the moving vehicle. 

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