Don't leave your glass unattended. A 24-year-old Toronto woman had a close call after a man allegedly spiked her drink during a Toronto dating app date

According to Toronto Police, the two had met online and met up at a bar on Saturday, September 5 when the incident happened. 

The woman got up to use the washroom. While she was away, the man slipped an unknown substance into her drink.

Toronto Police

When the woman went to use the washroom, witnesses say the man slipped something into her beverage. 

Luckily, patrons at the bar noticed the man's not-so-swift actions and warned the woman not to consume the drink when she returned. 

Police have confirmed that they arrived on the scene past midnight, on Sunday, September 6.

The suspect, 32-year-old Niki Shakeri, surrendered to police on Wednesday, September 9.

He is facing two charges including mischief - tampering with property and administering noxious thing, and will appear in court at Old City Hall on October 15.

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