Torontonians are all gushing over the adorable and amazing Toronto dog who has just won named runner-up at one of the most prestigious dog shows across North America. "Bono" the dog and his Torontonian handler are celebrating as they come home with the title of runner-up of the Westminster Dog Show. Bono has had many other big wins in the past, but this win can be considered one of the best. 

This year marks the 143rd year of the annual Westminster Dog Show. A wire fox terrier named King won "Best in Show" on Tuesday, but Bono was close behind. Bono, whose full name is "GCHG CH Oeste's In the Name of Love," won both the Toy category as well as the Reserve Best In Show, which in other words, means second place. 

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Bono is a beautiful 2-year-old Havanese dog who loves his job. His handler, Taffee McFadden states, "He fits the standard and he loves doing it. He radiates that to all the people that will watch him,". 

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Bono won the Toy category of the show which is judged based on companionship abilities. This category only consists of smaller breeds including pugs and terriers. With Bono being a smaller lap dog with a long fur coat and the love of people, he was perfect for this category! 

However, with long hair comes great responsibility. Bono needs his beautiful coat maintained quite regularly and McFadden admits that Bono is bathed and brushed out twice a week to ensure that he stays radiant. 

Via Westminster Kennel Club

Although this Toronto dog just won second place in one of the most prestigious dog shows in North America, Bono and McFadden don't have much time to celebrate and enjoy the win. Bono is competing in another dog show in California tomorrow and is ready to show the world what he's got!

McFadden's husband is also part of the dog show business. He was the handler of Flynn, a bichon frise who won 2018 Best in Show title last year. 

Source: Global News

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