Ontario is getting a blast of winter weather today, with alerts issued throughout most of the province. Wind chills could reach up to -45 C all over Northern Ontario. Meanwhile, in the 6ix, an Extreme Cold Weather Alert has been issued, and the city is warning residents to seek shelter. These Toronto weather warnings are looking brutal, so gear up for a wintry mid-week. 

The wind chill will be the coldest that Southern Ontario has seen this season so far, according to The Weather Network. We can expect it to feel like -20 C with the windchill. 

In fact, an extreme cold weather alert was issued for Toronto Wednesday warning, to warn about these freezing temperatures, so you might want to make sure to grab a scarf before heading out of the house today. 

The Weather Network says roads will be dangerous today with "near-zero visibility" as snow squalls blast the region. 

The Huron-Perth and Barrie areas are projected to get up to 30 centimetres of snow by Thursday, while the rest of Southern Ontario can expect up to 15 centimetres. 

The winds will be travelling up to 70 km/h, which will play a role in the white-out conditions meteorologists are expecting.

Some parts of Ontario will be hit so hard that there have been forecasted danger zones where non-essential travel is strongly discouraged. 

In fact, Environment Canada released a weather advisory on Wednesday morning for Toronto, warning residents of brief periods of heavy snow and claiming that travelling could be dangerous. 

Road closures are also possible, so be sure to double-check the latest traffic news if you must drive. 

Get ready for those bursts of snow, heavy winds, and frigid temperatures all over Ontario — this is a real Canadian winter. 

Hyperthermia and frostbite are easily acquired in weather like this, so don't forget your scarf, hat, and mitts today. 

The extreme cold weather warnings will stay in effect until further notice. 

Stay safe out there, everyone!

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