You definitely don't need me to tell you that winter jacket season is officially back. Though you probably don't realize just how cold it is not only in Toronto right now but the entire country. While you might be chopping up your Winter chills to the fact that the temperature dropped so quickly, it's actually not just the transition that has got your teeth chattering. 

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Environment Canada issued a ton of extreme cold weather warnings throughout the country these past few days. With the frigid weather continuing to persist and it only getting even colder, more and more warnings are being rolled out across our home and native land. 

So how cold is it really in the city? Right now Toronto is currently experiencing record breaking weather that puts us almost on par to the weather at the North Pole. While we're only at -14°C it feels like -22°C in the city, with wind gusts at 22 km/h. Temperatures in The North Pole, Nunavut are at -21°C and feel like -26°C with 9 km/h wind gusts. So while we might not be as cold as them - we're not so far off and we've definitely got strong whipping winds. 

Toronto isn't the only spot in Canada that is freezing over as Vancouver is currently colder than Moscow. Alberta has got a similar story to tell seeing as the warmest place in the province right now is as cold as Mars. With both Banff and Jasper maintaining a freezing low of -19°C. Saskatoon is even colder than both the North and South poles with a low of -29°C!

Montréal isn't getting out easy either, it's so cold there that most of the world's animals would die if they had to endure the cold the French province has got right now. Practically no province is safe from these extreme colds: 

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