UPDATE (8:48 AM EST): The woman is in police custody and is transported to hospital by police and fire crews.

About a year ago, a woman was all over the news for climbing to the top of a construction crane in Toronto. The crane she climbed was about 12 stories high, and she had to be rescued by emergency crews in a heroic operation that took about 4 hours.

Well, this morning could be the start of part two to the crane girl saga. A woman, whose identity remains unknown, is reportedly trapped at the top of a crane (without a shirt on!) in downtown Toronto, at Lakeshore Boulevard and Dan Leckie Way. 

The woman is said to be perched 80 to 90 feet above ground at the top of the crane, which is about the same dizzying height as last year's crane incident.

CP24 reports that the woman is trapped inside a crane operator compartment. Toronto Fire is on the scene, preparing for what could be another several-hour rescue mission.

No word yet on how long the woman has been up there. Paramedics are also on scene, and police will surely make an entrance as well.

One witness claims that another person was also spotted in the operator's booth last night, and has a photo to prove it:

Once we find out more about who this brave topless mystery woman is and how long it'll take to get her down,  we'll be sure to let you know.

Source: CityNews, Global News



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