There’s always an unsettling feeling that follows looking out your window and seeing a thick fog rolling in. If you’ve ever read Stephen King’s The Mist or heck, even if you just watched one of the hundreds of horror movies that play with the idea that fog equals monsters, then chances are your imagination runs a little wild at the sight of the visible aerosol. Toronto fog was thick as can be this morning, and although it didn’t last, it did manage to create an eerie mood.

The fog seemed to roll in right on cue, as we sit on the last few days before Halloween. It also gave Torontonians the perfect opportunity to snap some spooky pictures. Of course, since we are living in the digital age, it didn’t take long for photographers to upload their shots on social media, creating a collage of unsettling foggy shots that highlights just how creepy it was to be outside in Toronto this morning.

“Toronto is wearing a thick fog blanket right now, I swear it’s in there somewhere,” wrote one user, who shared waterside photographer of the fog.

“Morning coffee and creepy fog rolling out! Makes for a beautiful view,” wrote another who posted a video of the fog rolling in from their high rise.

As the sunshine started to break through and the fog began to disappear, the creepy atmosphere turned into a more serene setting.

It was reported earlier this week that rain and early snowfall threaten Thursday, October 31, across Ontario. However, on a more concerning note, a windstorm is also set to rock the GTA to end off this week.

So, it looks like we are going to have a very wet Halloween, which is a bummer for both trick-or-treaters and late-night partyers alike. Thankfully, Toronto is going to dodge the threat of the snow, which is more than weather experts can say for the rest of Canada.


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