As spring continues to blossom in the city, Toronto fox puppies are starting to show their faces in public. Photos appeared on social media Wednesday of a rare fox sighting under the boardwalk at Woodbine Beach. However, the city is now warning residents to not gather near the pups.

In photos and videos that were posted online, a mother fox and her babies can be seen popping their heads out from under the boardwalk. Many onlookers were quick to stop and snap some photos of the rare event. 

However, as adorable as the spotting was, the City of Toronto was quick to post on warning on Twitter, reminding people not to approach the wild animals or break social distancing rules to gather around them.

They are also reminding residents to keep all of their dogs on leashes in the area. 

"We are aware that a fox and her puppies have been spotted in the east end. Please continue to practice physical distancing to prevent the spread of #COVID-19. Do not gather or stay in the area to watch the foxes and keep all dogs on leashes," read a statement from the City of Toronto.

Since these pups are wild animals, residents should also refrain from feeding them. If you ever see an injured animal, always report the incident to 311. 

"Do not approach as these are wild animals, and this fox needs space to raise her young. Do not ever feed wildlife as providing food to wildlife is detrimental to their health," the City states.

Foxes are not the only wildlife to be taking advantage of the city's lockdown.

Over the past few weeks, Toronto's deer population has begun to pop up into areas that they usually avoid because of the 6ix's usual foot traffic.

Footage of the animals frolicking on the city's beaches and parks offers residents a rare glimpse of what life might look like in the GTA without humans.

In fact, Ontario's animal population is expected to boom over the next year as humans continue to stay indoors. 

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