It looks like biking in the city is going to get a whole lot easier thanks to a new sponsorship with the city and Bike Share Toronto. Free bike rides will be offered to all customers every Wednesday until the end of August. Get out that old bike helmet or buy a new one, but whatever you do, take advantage for the next few weeks!

Before the month ends, starting this Wednesday, Aug. 7, Bike Share Toronto riders will ride for free every Wednesday until the end of this month. So ditch those gym memberships, hop on a bike, and explore the city.

The City of Toronto, with the sponsorship of CAA South Central Ontario, was able to make this happen after seeing the demand for rides. More than 1.2 million rides have been taken this year alone.

"As Toronto continues to grow, it's vital that we keep people moving. For the past four years, the City of Toronto has invested in the expansion of Bike Share Toronto to ensure that all residents and visitors are able to cycle around the city," says Mayor John Tory about this amazing initiative.

You will be able to take out these bikes for up to 30 minutes, for free, and return them to any bike station across the city. The great thing is that once those 30 minutes are up, you can take out another bike for 30 minutes and do it all over again.

For this to work, you have to download CycleFinder, visit one of the many bike-share stations, and follow the instructions on how to get the "$0 One-Day" pass.

Since Bike Share Toronto just had a recent expansion, there are now 465 bike stations with about 5,000 bikes for the city, hopefully increasing the chances of ridership.

So that means you can't flake on your friends when you say you have "no way to get there."

Don't forget this ends at the end of this month so make sure to take advantage while the weather's still warm and the bikes are still free!

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