There's been a recent addition to the West Toronto Rail Path and it will make you shudder. A Toronto ghost story has popped up along with path and it will leave you questioning everything. If you take a walk down this rail path on Dundas West Street and Sterling Road, you'll come across two signs, placed carefully in front of this building, asking: "Have you seen Bobby Parker?"

The Canadian Hanson & Van Winkle company, which at some point was a former industrial building, is now part of a complex of art galleries in Toronto. This building, designed by architect Frank Scott Mallory Sr., was constructed in 1917.

The company supposedly produced electroplating polishing equipment and supplies, according to trade catalogues. Not much else is said about this factory but a recent discovery was found at the West Toronto Rail Path and it definitely gives you goosebumps.

If you stand at this particular spot, looking right across the tracks onto the far-right window at the top of the building, it is said you can see the mysterious Bobby Parker.  

"Just around 11 at night, you can see the blurry remnants of Bobby Parker’s ghost," reads the message.

The mysterious story tells of a hard-working man who once lived his life working for Canadian Hanson & Van Winkle Company, who would be "sitting ankle-deep in piles of new orders and catalogue drafts," according to the story posted on the fence.

The story goes on to say that many believed "Mr. Parker will work here until the day he dies, and then some." His wife also began to believe the same thing.

The tale tells of a hard-working man who barely spent time with his family as he dedicated his life to his work, at times not even coming home to sleep.

That particular spot, where it's suggested you can see Bobby, was said to be where he would take in his daily dose of sunlight until he had to work again.

It's unknown who put this story on the path but it does make you think about how important it is to embrace family time, especially in a busy city like Toronto. Sometimes, it's important to take a step back and realize that there is more to life than just working.

If you want to read more on this story, take a walk down West Toronto Rail Path and see for yourself. If you go at night, maybe you'll even see Mr. Bobby Parker working away.

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