While Toronto gun crime still plagues the city, it looks like some criminals are getting creative. 

Toronto police turned heads this week after seizing a firearm that looks straight out of 1812.

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Police told Narcity that the old-timey firearm is a sawn-off shotgun and was found by a citizen.

The Toronto Police Service also stated that the weapon doesn't actually belong in the 1800s, even though it looks like it. However, it is a replica. 

"This was used to commit an offence and was seized in that investigation and determined to be a replica firearm," police told Narcity. 

While it is unclear exactly what crime it was used in, the ancient look of the gun sure does have us wondering. 

However, this isn't the only gun that has been found that has turned heads. 

The Twitter account has also posted other weird finds such as a duct-taped weapon and other old-looking firearms.

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