Have you ever gone grocery shopping and thought, "Why isn't there a massive arcade and playground in here"? Me neither, but just like every other innovative opening in Toronto, the city has delivered what we never thought we needed. 

Nations, a multi-cultural grocery store chain, has stores in Mississauga, Vaughan and Hamilton, and they've just opened their biggest location yet at the Stock Yards Village in the Junction.

It's your typical grocery store - there's aisles of food, cashiers, grocery carts - except for the fact that it's 155,000 square feet and holds a massive arcade, every child's dream playground, and probably the best food court you've ever seen. 

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Nearly three times the size of its predecessors, Nations Experience puts all other grocery store's international aisles to shame. 

The 'grocery store' area of Nations holds a bakery with fresh baked goods, a butcher counter, a semi-enclosed seafood department, aisles holding every single grocery item you could ever think of, and free sample tables.

But it's the rest of the multi-cultural grocery store chain that really has people talking. More than 10,000 square feet of the store is dedicated to amusement and entertainment, where an area called "Happy Kingdom" holds a 4,000-square-feet Ocean Ball kids-only playground, a massive arcade room with 135 games, a prize counter, and five party rooms that can be rented out.

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The food court is even better, if you can believe it. There's a value buffet, sushi, bubble tea, dim sum, gelato, and pretty much everything else you could ever want. 

Frank Ho, Nations’ co-founder and senior vice president, told Toronto Life that an oyster bar, and French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Peking duck restaurants are also on the way.

Since the store's location took over where the old Target used to be, people have been posting photos of themselves in Nations, and lets just say most of us will probably forget we ever went there to grocery shop in the first place.

Just look at all this glorious food:

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Grocery shopping in the city's west end will never be the same again.

You can find Nations Experience at 1980 St. Clair Ave. More information can be found on their website here.

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