This year has been one of the most violent in the history of Toronto, and now the city's total murder count has officially reached new heights.

Summer isn’t quite over yet, and Toronto has already tied last year’s mark for total homicides in the city.

That’s right - as of this August, Toronto has seen as many murders as it did in all of 2017. But, some events in the city this year have caused that number to skyrocket very quickly. 

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A man was fatally stabbed while getting off a bus this morning, making it the city’s 66th murder of 2018, the total homicide count in all of 2017.

Of those 66 homicides, 10 of them were due to the van attack that took place in the city earlier this year.

The van attack claimed 10 lives not just in a single day, but in a single isolated incident. 

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The van attack alone accounts for a total of 15 percent of the murders in the city this year.

Since the van attack, a series of other fatal incidents have followed. This past Saturday saw a total of 6 people killed, half of which have occurred in the last 48 hours.

Toronto is currently looking at ways to bring down violent crimes in the city.

Earlier this year, Toronto Police announced it would be deploying approximately 200 more officers on the streets between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m., when most of the violent incidents occur. 

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The city has also asked the provincial and federal government for help.

Premier Doug Ford has announced lots of provincial funding to help the city’s police in the coming years, and Justin Trudeau's federal government is looking at possibly banning the sale of handguns in Toronto

Source: CP24

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