If you've been driving in the GTA the last few weeks, chances are you've noticed that the roads are a little quieter than usual. Toronto highways, which are typically jammed packed with traffic during rush hour, have cleared up significantly with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as convenient as it sounds, some drivers are using these times to street race. 

Toronto police reported on Sunday that they had charged 18 motorists with stunt driving charges over the weekend. The drivers lost their licenses and vehicles as a result of their actions. 

On top of that, TPS Traffic Services also stated that charges were also laid after they caught a group of drivers stunt driving and "taking advantage of quieter roads" on the DVP. 

The group of drivers were caught going up to 171 kilometres per hour. 

The Toronto Police told Narcity that the lighter traffic can be a factor in the high amount of stunt driving charges they have laid over the past week. 

"Like other frontline policing activity, there has been no change to traffic enforcement. For some violations, such as stunt driving, the lighter traffic on the roads may be one factor leading to the higher-than-normal charges," said Sgt. Jason Kraft.

According to 680 News, police also noted that some drivers are using the pandemic's effect on roads to use highways as a "personal racetrack." 

"Nobody is getting it. Our streets and highways are not free for all. The Toronto Police just impounded the 20th vehicle since Friday morning for street racing. You may not care about your life, but please think of the others on the road," police tweeted out on Sunday night.


However, Toronto Police also told Narcity that there are other reasons why so many stunt drivers have been charged over the past week. 

"Other contributing factors could be the change in seasons, more pleasant weather, dryer roadways, and summer vehicles coming out of storage. Toronto Police Service continues to actively conduct proactive enforcement activities and respond to driving complaints on all our roads," Sgt. Kraft stated. 

In order to try and limit the amount of speeding taking place across the 6ix, the City announced the installment of Automated Speed Enforcement cameras

So far, 50 of them have been installed. 

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