Don't get too attached to your winter coat yet. You won't be needing it in Toronto this weekend. According to the forecast, we are in for sunshine and spring weather. 

It may be hard to believe when it feels like -4ºC right now, but it's going to warm up significantly in Toronto and the GTA this weekend. By Sunday, it's even going up to 11ºC in the city with sunshine almost all day. 

The turn in the weather begins on Saturday night, when instead of dropping far below freezing like they have been, the temperatures will instead begin to rise slightly. 

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When you wake up on Sunday morning, the temperature is going to be around 7ºC with some light showers. It only gets better as the day continues, though. The temperature will eventually reach 11ºC and the clouds will clear for some sunshine.  Check out the current seven day forecast for the Toronto area:

Via The Weather Network

While this is exciting news, it's also very short lived. The unseasonably warm weather is only around for one day. After that, the temperatures are expected to drop far below average for this time of year. 

The temperatures we'll see during the day in Toronto over the next two weeks after that is only around -1ºC with night time lows around -6ºC. The average at this time of year is 3ºC during the day. 

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The warm weather will also be bookended by snow on either side of it. More snow is expected in the Toronto area this friday. Though it will most likely melt on Sunday, even more of if will fall again on the wednesday after the warm spell. 

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