A Toronto man's phone has been ringing non-stop lately with people trying to order a pizza. At first, he thought it was a prank, but then he quickly realized that a local Papa John's had accidentally posted his phone number on their website. 

The phone calls started back in October and have been coming in non-stop since, especially late at night. Now, all the Toronto man wants is peace. 

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He told CTV that his message to Papa John's after all this mess with his phone number is to "Just get it off there and change it … and let me live my life." He went on to say that his demands are quite simple. "I just want to eat dinner and watch the [Toronto] Raptors play. That's all I want." 

Meanwhile, Papa John's has extended their apologies to the man and acknowledges that he must be very frustrated with the situation. But, people in Toronto think they should give him more than just an apology. 

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On social media, people have suggested that the man should at the very least be given some free Papa John's pizza for his troubles. One Reddit user suggests that after the hundreds of calls this guy has endured he should at least one free pizza every week for a year at least. 

That may be a tricky promise for Papa John's to fulfil, though. While this Toronto man has been fielding all their calls, they have actually lost a lot of business since people can't reach them for deliveries. They told CTV that it has been a big challenge for them. 

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Papa John's removed the man's number from their own website but unfortunately, the number had already been picked up by Google and Yellow Pages, who have yet to correct the number on their respective sites. 

Source: CTV 

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