Get ready Toronto, because it's going to be a wild ride next week. Toronto is getting another snowstorm next week and could see up to 21 cm of snowfall by Friday, February 15th. Here's hoping your Valentine's Day date warms you up because this weather sure won't. 

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The Weather Network is forecasting several days of snowfall next week, starting on Sunday, February 10th. According to them, Toronto is expected to be hit with up to 21 cm of snowfall by Friday. Yeah, we are not excited for another citywide shutdown because of snow. Can winter be cancelled already, please? 

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According to The Weather Network, flurries will start hitting Toronto on Sunday, with a snowfall accumulation of 1 to 3 cm. On Tuesday, the city will almost definitely get some snowfall - there's an 80% chance that 10 cm will hit Toronto.

The following day, Wednesday the 13th, will see more snow flurries but at a less intense rate, with around 1 cm in total. However, it doesn't stop there, because the snow will continue to Thursday, where 2 to 4 cm of snowfall is expected. 

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Friday will see more snowy weather in the city. The Weather Network is forecasting snow for Toronto with 1 to 3 cm of snowfall. So in total, Toronto will be hit with up to 21 cm of snow next week, according to their predictions.

Not only will snow be falling in the city, but chilly temperatures are in store too. Next week, Toronto will see temperatures that feel as cold as -12°C. Where has the 12°C weather that we were experiencing this week gone? Please make a comeback. 

Check out the weather forecast for next week from The Weather Network below.

Via The Weather Network

Strong winds will also be hitting the city next week. Just today on February 8th, Environment Canada warned Torontonians about "falling trees" due to the strong gusts of wind. Next week, winds up to almost 40 km/hour will hit Toronto, according to The Weather Network.

This past week, Toronto had a wild week of winter weather. On some days, temperatures were higher than the seasonal average, but they came with thunderstorm warnings, freezing rain,  and even some flooding.

Basically, the weather was a complete mess in Toronto this week, and it looks like the same could happen next week. There really ain't no rest for the wicked. In the meantime, we'll be counting down the days till summer. 

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