Watch out Trinity Bellwoods, Torontonians might be getting a new favourite picnic spot in the near future!

John Tory announced that Toronto will be getting a huge green space right in the middle of downtown, and everyone seems pretty excited!

The park will stretch from Bathurst Street, all the way to Blue Jay's Way (21-acres).  This new green space will provide a "seamless connection from our downtown to waterfront, a green oasis in TO."  Our cities new park will be called Rail Deck Park because of the railway tracks that will run underneath.

John Tory states that "In the last five years the downtown population has grown by 50,000 residents.....As our downtown grows, we need to create new public space for the people of Toronto" and it seems like the rest of  Toronto could not agree more!   With all the condos constantly popping up around the city it will be refreshing to see some more green!

For more information, watch his Facebook live stream here

Here's a quick look at what we can expect for the future! 

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