Some BIG things are on the way for Toronto's Waterfront this winter. And we mean that in the most literal way. 

Starting January 2018, a contemporary art installation Ice Breakers will be hitting Toronto's Waterfront for #TOicebreakers 2018. 

In a similar fashion to Toronto's "rubber ducky" of summer 2017 that drew hoards to the Waterfront, 5 original and unique art installations will be coming to the Waterfront this winter and each piece is going to be absolutely massive

An exhibition inspired by the constellations, these structures created by the Ice Breakers team will reflect the famous constellations of our galaxy, including a massive red bear inspired by Ursa Major, or the "Great Bear constellation."

The other installations are less obviously connected to the stars but still equally cool. The "Root Cabin" piece which the Ice Breakers' have described as being like a constellation because it's a mystery waiting to be discovered. WIth its coloured cuts of wood and illuminated cabin-like structure - you can see through gaps in an alluring pile of weathered roots.

Presented by the Waterfront BIA and produced by Winter Stations, the art pieces of this Waterfront exhibition are created by artists from across the globe.

But, the exhibition will only be here for a short time. Ice Breakers 2018 will unveil its massive pieces of art on January 19th and will end on February 25rd, 2018.

You can catch these amazing installations dispersed across Toronto's Waterfront. The exhibition will be spread out between York St. and Spadina Ave. and best of all, it's completely free. 

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