Remember the days when you would go to your backyard or the park and have watergun fights with your siblings or friends? Remember all those Super Soaker ads on TV? Do kids even do this stuff nowadays?

As the weather gets warmer, we all get more and more anxious about summer. You might've seen your Facebook friends attending random events such as Toronto Block Party 2015, Woodbine Beach Party 2015, or even the Toronto Watergun Fight 2015. None of these events have released any details yet, but they're pretty cool ideas to get psyched about.

The Toronto Watergun Fight 2015 will be happening Sunday, June 14th at Dundas Square. So far, there's only under 1000 people attending, but it's going to be huge. Everyone loves a little free fun. According to the event page, it's BYOW – bring your own watergun!

Details haven't been released yet, but you can check out the event page.

Will you be going? Water your plans for the summer?

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