This article was originally published in February 2019.

It was an all-out war on Twitter this weekend as Torontonians flooded Twitter to decide which subway station sells the best beef patties. The tasty, flaky Jamaican beef patty is a staple snack for local commuters. They were at the centre of a heated debate amongst TTC riders who argued over which location should be awarded the prestigious honour of best subway station beef patties in the city.

It all began after a local Twitter user stirred the pot by declaring “Toronto, let’s settle this once and for all: which subway station has the best beef patties?” The top contenders in the competition were Kennedy, Warden, Bathurst and Islington with Bathurst, of course, pulling ahead by a significant lead in the polls early on and Kennedy being left in the dust due to their apparently mediocre beef patties.

A few other stations were suggested by users such as Scarborough Town Centre and Sheppard West (formerly Downsview) but were either shut down or ignored as the other users flocked to celebrate Bathurst station as their top pick or mocked the choice.

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Many users also stuck to or went outside their respective tribes with the west end users fighting for the westside stations and easterners petitioning primarily for the eastbound Warden.

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The patties in question are more formally referred to as “Jamaican patties” which were for a time most commonly founds in areas around the Caribbean before becoming increasingly popular in North American, most notably in Toronto and Washington D.C. where they are both sold in groceries stores and found at food stands.

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