If you thought winter was over in Toronto, you thought wrong. The weather is about to get even more unpredictable this weekend. The weather this week made it feel like springtime was near, but we're about to get a brutal awakening. Toronto is in for more snow and thunderstorms this weekend starting tonight on Friday, March 15

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Although Southern Ontario has been enjoying nice, warm temperatures lately, spring's special appearance in the city is coming to an end. The Weather Network reports that Toronto is in for a wild weather ride this weekend. Snowfall, thunderstorms and more are coming to hit the city. 

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"A significant interruption to the milder pattern comes this weekend as temperatures plunge below seasonal values once again," says The Weather Network. "And areas that saw a spring-like thunderstorm this week could also be facing a layer of fresh snow by Friday night."

Thunderstorms hitting Southern Ontario will continue today, before the rain turns into snowfall.  "A healthy swath of snow is forecast for parts of southern Ontario later Friday," said Tyler Hamilton, The Weather Network meteorologist.

Snowfall is coming back to southern Ontario starting tonight and we are not excited about it. "A widespread 2-5 cm of snow is forecast through early Saturday, but being a lake-effect snow event, some local areas could see totals add up to 5-8 cm in the more defined squalls off of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

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The chilling temperatures in Toronto will also help make way for snowfall. The city is forecasted to see temperatures as low as -5°C but feel as cold as -10°C this weekend, according to the forecast from Accuweather

"Temperatures will also remain a few degrees cooler than seasonal through the weekend with the cooling pattern persisting right up to the last days of the winter season," says The Weather Network. 

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Winter has once again returned to Toronto. "So we're back to what looks like the final shot of winter in southern Ontario," said meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. 

Fortunately, the end is in sight. It's expected to be warmer again next week and April is supposed to have even nicer temperatures. "Later next week, milder air will make a return to kick off the official start to spring with an even milder trend expected for the first half of April," says The Weather Network. 

The official start of spring is next week, so here's hoping this is the last time winter weather comes back to southern Ontario for the season. 

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