Toronto commuters have spoken and they have some choice words for the TTC today. Riders of the rocket from all ends of the city embarked on their daily trip into the downtown core this morning, only to be frustrated, devastated and late for what feels like the hundredth day in a row. This time, the TTC delays were once again caused by signal issues in the early morning, which then had a "domino effect" on Line 1 train service, the TTC's Stuart Green tells Narcity.

According to Green, the TTC experienced "some delays getting trains out of the yard on the west side of Line 1 early on and that impacted trains getting through to the Yonge side". At around 6:20 AM, the TTC told riders to prepare for delays of up to 15 minutes northbound between Eglinton and Union Stations as a result of an "earlier operational problem".

The northbound delays also had an impact on the southbound service. Trains began to reach capacity and were forced to bypass stations altogether. Then, as morning rush hour ticked on, the crowds at southbound platforms on the Yonge line grew larger by the minute. To make matters worse, a medical emergency at Rosedale station just after 8:00 AM resulted in even more backup.

Countless commuters have said that the delays tacked an extra 45 minutes to an hour onto their trip. 

According to an earlier tweet by TTC Customer Service, this morning's colossal delay was a result of one signal problem at St. Clair West. "It's a delicate system with 10s of thousands of ppl coming & going every minute. One problem can have a big ripple effect," they wrote.

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Understandably, Toronto commuters were unable to contain their frustration. Many of them took to Twitter today to describe their experiences, and call on the TTC to find a more effective solution for delays like these.

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