Can't say we're surprised, but Canadians are officially more interested in reading about American politics than Americans themselves. Maybe it's because Canada's political landscape doesn't have enough juicy drama, or maybe we just love to know what's going on in the world. Either way, Toronto's most borrowed books in 2018 say a lot about the city's reading habits - and guilty pleasures. 

The Toronto Public Library has revealed what the city read and borrowed this year, between December 2017 and today. The results are pretty interesting.

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Apparently, 500 people in Toronto placed holds on Fire and Fury - an exposé on Donald Trump and the White House - in a single day. More than New York, Washington, and every other city that the TPL looked at. In all of 2018, Fire and Fury was borrowed 3,547 times.

Granted, it wasn't easy to get a hard copy of Fire and Fury in Canada when it first hit the shelves in January 2018. Donald Trump's attorney issued a cease-and-desist letter to the publisher, which pushed the book's on-sale date. A "massive supply chain operation" was launched in Canada so booksellers could meet the demand. At one point, there were over 2,200 holds on the book at the Toronto library alone.

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As it is every year, the most borrowed book in 2018 is the Ontario driver's handbook, which was borrowed 4,665 times over the last 12 months. Toronto is also obsessed with The Fault In Our Stars and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Both excellent reads, I might add.

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Here are the top ten most borrowed books in Toronto this year:

To see the full breakdown of what Toronto read this year by genre, click here.

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