This June, Toronto Mayor John Tory proposed the city build a 20-acre park that would cut right through the city's downtown core. And after Tuesday's city council meeting, this plan will now become a reality in the years to come. 

Known as the "Rail Deck Park," this $1.7-billion park that meanders through the city's core will be a green space of epic proportions. 

Ambitious? Definitely. Necessary? That is debatable. And that is precisely what was discussed at the City of Toronto's final council meeting of 2017 on Tuesday. 

But in a 36-4 vote in favour of the new Rail Deck Park, the city has announced that it will go ahead with planning the new green space which will run a tab of an estimated $1.665 billion to date. However, that price tag is only associated to the only five per cent of the park's design that's already complete, which means the overall cost could end up being way more. 

Spanning from Toronto's Blue Jays Way straight through to Bathurst Street, the massive green space will literally be smack dab in the middle of the city, making it a destination for tourists and locals alike in future Toronto. 

And if spending billions of dollars on a green space seems so extra, city Councillor Joe Cressy says that the city will be able to afford the park thanks to a rule in the Ontario Planning Act which allows the city to collect cash from property developers in exchange for higher density.

And of course, people are objecting to the propose plan, calling it a waste of money and space, with some, like Coun. Stephen Holyday going as far as to say "We're creating a park from nothing." 

Source: Torontoist, CBC

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