Mother Nature has not been kind to Southern Ontario this month. There's even a slight risk of a tornado in the province today.

Canada's biggest city hasn't been immune from the weather. This is the third time that Toronto has been hit with a massive rainstorm this month.

Both of the last incidents of heavy rain in the city have produced some unbelievable flash flooding, with cars being completely submerged and streets transforming into rivers

The city is trying to avoid having that happening again today.

Union Station is especially susceptible to flooding because it’s at a low part of the city near the lake.

The last major rain storm this month saw the stairs into the station turn into a waterfall. 

Since then, the city has taken steps to prevent that from happening today. Transit authorities have repaired a drain on the track and have fixed a pedestrian pathway in the hopes of preventing any major flooding.

It has also sent additional city staff to the station to respond to any incidents of flooding that may occur from the rain.

The TTC telling people to check its website before heading out to ensure there are no delays or detours because of flooding, last time some buses were rerouted because of the flooding. 

As of late Tuesday morning, no delays have been reported on the transit system from flooding, but that could change at any time.

All the preparation in the world can’t completely stop flooding, though. The on-ramp from Dundas Street to the northbound Don Valley Parkway is currently closed because of flooding. 

About 20 to 40 millimetres of rain is expected to fall on the city over the course of the day, according to Environment Canada. 

Source: CP24

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