Get ready for a wild ride Toronto. If you already thought the temperatures in Toronto was bipolar, just wait – it's about to get even more bizarre. Toronto is set to have the wildest weather week of the spring season next week

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From warm, almost summer-like temperatures to winter weather, and everything in-between, Toronto is forecasted to see it all next week. Could we please just cut a break from the wild weather already? 

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The beginning of the week will make it seem like spring is in full force in Toronto, but that happiness will be shortlived. On Sunday, temperatures will be 10°C and they will rise by a whopping 8°C the following day, according to the forecast from The Weather Network. Toronto will see warm 18°C weather on Monday and this blast of warm air is definitely much needed. 

However, the warm temperatures in Toronto are not here to stay. The rest of the week is looking much more chilly – so much so that you wouldn't even think that the forecast is for the same season. Some wild temperatures swings are coming to hit the city. 

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After a nice day of 18°C weather on Monday, Toronto will see temperatures drop to 9°C the following day on Tuesday, with a real feel of 6°C. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. 

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Toronto will be hit with even colder weather on Wednesday and Thursday, when temperatures drop to as low as 4°C, with a real feel of -2°C. To start off the weekend, temperatures will jump once again but fortunately, for the better, and the city will warm up a bit. Friday will see 6°C weather but it will be cloudy with rain showers. 

Check out the weather forecast for next week from The Weather Network below. 

Via The Weather Network

Not only will temperatures be getting much colder as we progress through the week, but even a bit of snowfall and mixed precipitation is expected on Thursday! Is spring even a real thing in the city anymore? 

Unfortunately for us, these wild weather swings are expected to be the norm for Toronto in the spring season, according to The Weather Network, who predicts that there is "no sustained warmth in sight".

In other words, brace yourselves Torontonians – the weather is going to get real weird next week. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend while it lasts! 

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