You know the expression "you snooze, you lose?" Well, maybe not in the 6ix as Toronto is sleeping later right now, according to Toronto Hydro. If you're one of the people in the city who is stuck indoors most of the time right now, the utility reckons you're probably smashing that snooze button.

Toronto Hydro spokesperson Russell Baker told Narcity that, in terms of electricity consumption, the organization has noticed that morning peak usage is creeping later and later into the day.

"We’re generally seeing electricity consumption peak later in the morning, with a gradual increase towards a less pronounced peak," Baker said in an email to Narcity.

A major factor, presumably, is that many, many people are not having to get up bright and early to commute to their workplace right now.

For many people, even those who are still working from home, that means no need for formal dress, no long drives or packed transit rides in the morning.

In short, there's less need to get up early these days.

With people becoming almost nocturnal, waking up later in the day seems almost a given. But the evening hours are being affected, too, with barely anyone commuting home right now, or going out for dinner or other social activities.

"We’re also seeing energy consumption spread out more in the evenings, compared to what would have previously been a peak after work," noted Baker.

According to City News, Toronto is similar to other cities in the world in this regard.

For example, in Germany, peak electricity usage is currently beginning at around 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., in comparison to months before where it would start at 6 a.m.

Given that Toronto wasn't stuck indoors this time last year, Toronto Hydro has seen less use of overall power in the city in recent weeks than in years past

But, as Baker explains, other factors could be in play.

"We’re unable to draw any specific conclusions about this reduction, as several factors, including temperature, affect consumption levels," he adds.

For the most part, Toronto Hydro has lowered its rates during this pandemic and plan to bring them back to normal in May.

Premier Doug Ford is against that return to normal, though, as many Ontarians are struggling to make ends meet despite aid for the federal government.

Toronto Hydro has taken these difficult times into consideration for many of its customers, especially those who were affected by a two-day power outage.

The company has offered its customers a $100 gift card for groceries as many had their food go to waste. 

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