It wasn't too long ago that the Toronto Islands finally opened up to the public, after spending the summer completely deserted and shutdown. The popular summer destination was hit with over 60% more rain than expected this past spring and summer, which lead to flooding so severe that the the island had to evacuate its residence and close its public access. 

Well it looks like the islands haven't seen the last of their precipitation nightmare. According to Environment Canada, local residence may need to stock up on sandbags and rain gear. Scientists says they expect Lake Ontario’s water levels to decline slightly, which can lead to stronger storms in the area. The result being, that the Toronto Islands could experience even more flooding. 

via @braziliandanny

Nancy Gaffney, who leads the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority flood risk program, said that "the city will raise the roads to ensure emergency vehicles can access all parts of the island during storms. They’re also planning to establish some long-term pump systems and protective berms" in order to better protect the island and prep for any future flooding. 

For now, Environment Canada and other agencies are keeping an eye on all the great lakes and are researching to determine just how likely it is that we’ll see Lake Ontario's water levels rise as high as it did this summer.

However, as a precautionary measure, the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority have applied for funding to pay for a flood risk assessment on the islands. 

Source: The Star 

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